provides a full range of services related to the implementation of projects of communication lines and power supply.


Creative Solutions offers fully-customized services based on the principle of convergence: whereby all voice, video and data systems are hosted on a single internet protocol (IP) platform. Our solutions have helped many companies and their employees achieve superior results, all guaranteed by our award-winning team. Each and every one of our clients matters to us. Our team of consultants and engineers takes the extra time, every day, to meet with our customers.


Now that Wi-Fi is becoming an integral part of just about every new piece of consumer electronics, and even many appliances, it is more important than ever to have a usable wireless network throughout your home and office — and possibly your yard. This is especially true for buildings with lots of wiring in the walls,lath and plaster walls, or metallic heating or air conditioning infrastructure in the floor or ceiling. The good news is that there are several ways to solve this problem, with varying costs and complexities.



Creative Solutions provides Smart options for data storage for businesses, they range from portable flash memory thumb drives to network-attached storage systems that can be located physically anywhere on a network. Small businesses should first assess the storage needs associated with their applications, their data, and how and where they need to access that data. Once you’re able to get a handle on how much data you’re dealing with and the how, when and where of accessing that data, then you’ll have a better idea about your storage needs.


Creative Solutions provides a full range of services related to the implementation of projects of communication lines and power supply. Creative Solutions dynamically developing company successfully operating in the field of installation of telecommunications systems. Our range of services includes the Construction of IT Infrastructure and communication lines, installation of fiber optic, installation of copper cables and power supply, development and execution of projects.



Creative solutions offers reliable services and equipment that includes support and makes it possible to communicate to others in various parts of the world just by using the Internet. International calling is usually much cheaper using VoIP (voice over IP) technology than using traditional telephone service. We offer telecommunication choices that include PBX solutions for office calls, PC phone solutions to talk with customers across

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